Frederik van Eeden Lecture

The Frederik van Eeden lecture is an annual tradition at the ISVW. In 1916, Frederik van Eeden, together with some of his dearest friends, founded what is now the International School of Philosophy in the midst of WWI. Today, a century later, the ISVW remains a not-for-profit organisation and continues to bring philosophy to a wide audience by means of public events and accessible but in-depth philosophy courses. The estate includes not only our Philosophy Institute, but also a publishing house and a state-of-the-art hotel and conference venue. Six years ago, the first Frederik van Eeden lecture was delivered.

Every year, the ISVW invites a thinker who has actively published and contributed to urgent international public debates and does this with philosophical rigour. Thus, the Frederik van Eeden Lecture connects the public with engaged philosophy and is, amidst our various courses and summerschools, our key annual event. The Frederik van Eeden lecture takes place in the Frederik van Eeden lecture hall, our largest hall (>180 capacity).

Previous speakers include Francis Fukuyama, Martha Nussbaum, Peter Sloterdijk, Will Kymlicka, Mogobe Ramose, Patricia Churchland and Frans de Waal.