‘Dying Is Quite Simple. Everyone Can Do It’ – René Gude & Wim Brands


‘To prevent yourself from having all sorts of confusion, you need philosophy’

In the months before his death, René Gude, Thinker of the Nation (the Netherlands), thought about what it means when the party is over. On Dutch television, he spoke with Wim Brands about what matters in life, mood management, and the comfort of philosophy. Especially at death’s door, the tools of philosophy can help you stay sane.

We do not need to lose ourselves in bitter theorizing. And about dying itself: ‘That should be quite easy. Up until now, everybody did all right.’

René Gude (1957-2015) was the Dutch Thinker of the Nation, director of the International School for Philosophy, and editor-inchief of Filosofie Magazine. In Dying is quite simple his insights have been translated into English for the first time.
Wim Brands (1959-2016) was a Dutch TV presenter and poet.
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