Walking around the Estate

hoofdgebouw-isvw-201516-foto-ee-17When you step outside the reception building of the ISVW, turn left and cross the parking lots to the edge of the property.  Follow the trail off to the left. Just before you see a wooden gate, you’ll see a sign with a drawing of the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, who visits the ISVW regularly. The text on the sign can be translated as:

‘The keeping of humans in parks from now on seems to be a zoopolitical task.  What we usually regard as thinking about politics is in fact the search for a fundamental rules for our human zoo keeping.’

While reflecting on this, close the gate after you pass through, and head straight, across the path and over the sand dunes.

Tend right and join a bicycle trail that runs along a fence. Follow that trail along a short way to a T, where you will turn left (signpost ANWB 22958).

Follow this cycle path to another T and turn right.  Turn right at the first footpath that crosses the bike trail, and follow the path, which soon turn sharply to the left, and then right, climbing a small hill . Take the sharp left, but not the sharp right, carrying on straight over the little hill.

Very soon you will reach a broad, sandy track that crosses the path you are on, running through beautiful, big trees.  Turn right and follow that sandy track.  At the edge of the large trees, a track heads right, but do not turn–carry on straight to a T crossing by a large tree.  Turn right.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAfter a short time this track hits a fence that surrounds a cemetery.  Turn right, and when you reach the corner of the cemetery, turn left and continue to follow the fence for another 80 meters (250 feet).

Angle right across the sand dunes and head for the white buildings of the ISVW hotel.  There is a gate about 100 meters/300 feet farther along.

If you want to visit the cemetery, do not angle over the sand dunes, but continue along the fence to a paved road.  Turn left and you will find the cemetery entrance on your left.  Backtrack to the dunes to return to ISVW, or follow the paved road to the right when coming off the train, and you will come to the ISVW buildings shortly.

And if you get lost, dial the reception (31-33-4650700) or ask for Dodeweg 8, 3832 RD Leusden.